Enjoy comfortable stay in a 3-Bedroom duplex apartment with private garden instead of in a boring hotel room!

Why stay in a Hotel when you can stay in a beautiful home?

  • Imagine staying in a beautiful spacious 3-bedroom suite with a caretaker who can attend to all your needs, while you relax on a soft, leather ottoman recliner doing exactly nothing!

  • Imagine a living room with a 20-feet high ceiling that gives on to an 800-sq ft private garden where you can indulge in lazily watering the plants or simply walking barefoot on the cool, soft and wet-with-dew Bermuda grass.

    • Imagine not paying horrendous amounts for meals that could spoil your family's stomach and holiday, but instead having a choice of ordering or cooking and eating a leisurely meal in a large, clean and well-appointed kitchen with your family buzzing around, watching television.